Artist Statement

My intention in creating Art is to meld my love of the traditional and contemporary West. 

Art has been my Life. From an early age I drew, danced, painted and photographed.  I studied the Arts, in College and University…continuing to study at length in life. 

I create from an emotionally personal level.When a scene or subject stirs me on a very basic level I delve deeper into it through photography, drawing, or painting. As it ‘speaks’ to me, I determine what medium will present the piece best.  Each of these is so individual. The back of a horse’s mane that becomes a landscape photograph as in my “Horsescape series” does not work to be painted. Some of my most treasured locations work best as original oil paintings not as photographs. I feel fortunate that I am comfortable using these varied mediums. 

Creating from my observations of the West is my language. 

As an Artist, I’ve challenged rules. I’ve splurged on creating in all of the mediums of Drawing, Painting, Photographing, Hand Coloring photographs, Calligraphy and Assemblage. Below is a drawing that I created i n a college Life Drawing class. I drew a 20 second pose of the model with developer on photo paper and then ran into the  darkroom to stop the developer.

“Untitled Nude” by Jenny Gummersall circa 1977

Finishing high school early, I headed West where I have lived ever since.  Life is an adventure. I’ve spend time all over the West.  As far North as Alaska & The Yukon and seven months as a crew member sailing the Pacific Ocean from Alaska through the Panama Canal and on to Florida.  For the past 25 years I’ve lived on Ranches in SW Colorado.

Being absorbed into the art of Monet, Maynard Dixon, Imogen Cunningham, Ansel Adams, Rothko, Degas, so many others before me, my husband’s abstract paintings, Music, Dance, being enthralled by Art History class, seeing Van Gogh’s drawing for Starry Night, or standing before an enormous painting of a wagon train moving westward with tears streaming down my face, all have moved me- inspired and driven my art. 

In todays tumultuous times, I strive even more to provide a place of safe harbor; of an escape for the viewer to ‘hang out’ in. I try to bring a relief from life stresses that can eat at one’s attention and spirituality. As an artist, I’ve done my job when someone finds that viewing my art creates a space for them to breath and just be in. 

I get lost in the Vastness and Dramatic Skies of The West. The Graceful Ruggedness, Toughness of the Land, the People and Animals. The humor and whimsey inspires and lifts me to higher places.  My observations and affinity for the special “Light” of the West drives my art. The ranch life values, the Cowboy Code help me create these artworks that I hope enhance other peoples lives. 

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